The Challenge

Several Years of Civil War and low rainfall has resulted in Somalia being on the edge of a full-blown famine.

  • over 50 000 children are dying of starvation
  • over 850 000 are acutely malnourished

Other dangers include:

  • Terrorist Attacks from Al-Shabaab
  • Kidnapping


CityHope Disaster Relief sent over six tons of food to Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Due to increased terrorist activity at the time, and rough seas, the shipment was delayed by a month, but arrived mid-August 2014.

A team of 4 flew up two weeks later to oversee part of the food distribution


Upon arriving in Mogadishu, nothing can quite prepare you for what you will see, experience and feel. The sheer volume of various needs of the Somali people are overwhelming, despite this, you can see glimmers of hope and life.

There still remains a lot more work to be done!

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